Welcome to our on-demand workshop for teachers and librarians.  This workshop takes a look at how technology and professional development are intertwined.  As you go through this workshop, you will see sections that will ask you to try out a digital technology. You are also encouraged to tweet using our workshop hashtag throughout. It is #EDES545PRO.  To begin, take a look at What is professional development? and share one of your most memorable pro-d experiences in the comments section below.  Throughout the workshop, any time you are asked to reflect, share or participate the instructions will be highlighted with a blue font.

Taking into consideration differentiated learning, once you have completed the What is professional development?section reflect on your own learning process.  If you are new to web 2.0 tools, please head to our section for beginners.   If you already dabble with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube you’re ready to explore the Personal learning network tab.   Once you’ve explored some social networking tools a bit deeper, consider using technology to offer PD.  Head to our Giving Back tab.  Try joining us in our Elluminate meeting.  

Before you leave don’t forget to take a look at our additional resources including a PLN LiveBinder by Jennifer LaGarde and a symbaloo with visual links to PD offered in your own province.  Use the icons at the bottom of the page to indicate  you ‘like’ something, to ‘press’, to ‘tweet’ and to share on Facebook.

One comment on “Welcome

  1. Stephanie F says:

    What a creative representation of Professional Development and Technology! I wasn’t expecting to see a WordPress website, but it works splendidly! You did an incredibly creative job at scaffolding the information and professional development activities to best accomodate each individual’s experience with using these kinds of learning and developmen tools. I really enjoy the way you organized additional blogs and websites according to interest and topic along the right hand side of the screen. This is a very user-friendly presentation format and is very easy to navigate through. Great work team!

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